ACL Dominator is a multi-mode platform-dependent ACL Management Software, supplying simplified ACL implementation meant for network surroundings. This software program has been designed to help make the deployment of complex ACLs simple and fast and offering optimum protection. Costly open source method based on the DC Extensions over HTTP protocol that supports client-server scenarios above simple CODE servers. It enables you to easily configure the ACLs in such a way that it can be automatically applied to all the machines in the infrastructure. It also offers the capacity to enforce policies on several zones of servers and even across the amounts of clients for better security.

ACL Dominator can be utilized in a variety of settings ranging from small to significant enterprises with a huge number of network computers. By making use of this computer software you can build and use complex ACLs in your network and also use outsourcing for it for the professionals when required. The flexibleness belonging to the appliance along with its fast execution on the variety of tools and support for different types of data source servers makes the ACL Dominator a leader among the competing items in this market.

In addition to this, it includes several other advanced features that add more appeal to your organization. In fact , a number of the features provided by the solution include: enterprise-level security, support for versatile licensing options, integration with Oracle’s Organization Manager and support just for Microsoft’s Exchange Server. Advanced security features provided by ACL Dominator contain fraud operations, data deduplication, risk management which include email unsolicited mail filtering, anti-phishing and IP monitoring. With these rewards, it is not amazing that ACL Dominator is now one of the leading items in the venture level secureness arena today. To know more regarding ACL Dominator and its different benefits, visit the official web page of ACL Services.